Sumter County Georgia – Construction Management Services


Americus, GA


Sumter County Government

Project Budget

$45 Million Estimated


Construction | Program Management


Mrs. Lynn Taylor, Former County Administrator

Work Period: Started 2006 and ended 2010.

Mr. Prine served as the Construction / Program Manager for Sumter County SPLOST Programs including development, expansion and renovation of more than a dozen facility and infrastructure projects.

Project Included

  • Desoto Utility Building
  • Recreation Maintenance Equipment
  • Pool Central Building Renovation
  • Humane Society Animal Shelter
  • Extension AG Building
  • Library Multipurpose Room
  • Senior Center Expansion
  • County Water/Sewer Study
  • Tourism Council Signage
  • Courthouse (Program & Construction Management)
  • State Patrol Facility
  • Human Services Center
  • Community Center / Aquatic Center
  • County vehicles

Sumter County Court House

Humane Society Animal Shelter

Community | Aquatic Center

Challenges met

Mr. Prine effectively stabilized cash flow despite a devastating tornado ripping through Americus in March of 2007.

The original Sumter County Courthouse was constructed in 1888 and replaced with a more modern structure in the 1950’s. It quickly became apparent that the modern courthouse did not fulfill the needs of the County, nor did it hold the same aesthetic charm of the original historic facility.

Mr. Prine and his team not only provided Program Management for the development of a new $15 million courthouse facility (62,636 SF), but were also requested to Construction Manage the construction of this new facility. Approximately $1 Million were saved during the construction of this facility.

The Courthouse is home to the County’s major court functions, including the Superior Court, Probate Court, Magistrate Court, State Court and Juvenile Court. It also consolidates the County’s departments by including space for the County Commission, Tax Assessor, Commissioner, Code Enforcement and Board of Elections

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